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Narvalo Clothing is a vertically integrated company. We design, we manufacture, we check, we ship. Here are the direct benefit of our business model to you:
  • Hands on production.
    • We micro manage and do our own production in house and  with close partners in Los Angeles based factories.
  • Ultimate quality control.
    • Handling our own production allows us to have a perfect quality control. Products that do not reach our best standard will not be shipped. It is one of our commitment to you that there won't be damaged items in your order.
  • Excellent prices.
    • Fair and honest pricing for all parties. It is one of our main goal to ensure steady relationship with our B to B partners. We are committed in giving you the best prices we can, as well as creating entire collection exclusively to the wholesale part of our business. Our wholesale prices are meant to be about 1/3 of our retail price.
  • High Flexibility.
    • Thanks to that avant garde business model we are able to easily team up with stores to create collaborations. Depending on the relationship and the volume ordered we can create unique items and branding for Narvalo featuring your store.
  • Fast turnaround.
    • Once an order is placed and confirmed, we will proceed with it in the fastest manner we can. We won't be late. We will deliver as expected. (2-3 weeks top!)