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Narvalo Graphics Program



In our Graphics Wholesale Program you will find a wide range of graphics that we will print or embroidered onto a set range of garment. We are continuously releasing new graphics, not only following trends, but also creating our own. In this program we want you to get what you want. We have a set offer that can be customized to an insane extent. 

Overall it is a one way to profit for the parties involved:

  • Choose a garment -> Choose a print -> Make money
  • Choose a print -> Choose a garment -> Make money

We will work with you, in providing you every assets you may require in order to sale our goods. We will create exclusif designs for your shop. We want to team up and get the ball rolling together. This is why we offer a really "a la carte" service.

A La Carte

Thanks to our great flexibility and our full control over production we are able to offer you products "à la carte". You choose what you want so you pay for what you want at a great price.

We primarily offer a set of shirts that we customize using different techniques and we let you choose additional products and services to go with. For exemple we leave it up to you to choose to have your goods individually poly bagged or not. We do not want to force any extra cost for you. Which makes it incredibly advantageous to you.

Here is an non exhaustive list of said additional products and services:

  • Individual Poly bag 
  • Stickers, Posters, Novelty items...
  • Wash to the garment
  • Custom Hangtags
  • Custom Label (for partnership with boutique for exemple)
  • Etc...


Beside you choosing what your order will be made off, when it comes to our line of graphic shirts we have a simple pricing to keep it all clear and headache free.

Our prices are based off:

  • The Graphic
  • The Shirt

Depending on the chosen technique of embellishment our prices fluctuate. (We decide of the embellishment's technique)

In terms of cost hierarchy it goes like this, from cheaper to pricier:

Silk Screen Print < Digital Print < Embroidery < Combinations of embellishments

Here is a full price list of our current product selection.

    Item Number

    Here is a breakdown of our item numbers:

    You will find the graphic number in our graphics galleries.

    Available list of garment:

    • 300 = Sweatshirt
    • 500 = T-shirt
    • 600 = Long Sleeve Shirt
    • 400 = Hoodie

    Available Colors*:

    • WH = White
    • BK = Black
    • BL = Blue
    • RE = Red
    • TD = Tie Dye
    • etc...

    *Some prints are not available on all colors.

    Here is our Purchase Order form. Download now.


    Payment: We accept most traditional ways of payment: Visa, MasterCard, Paypal, Checks, Wire Transfers, etc… We ask for a 50% deposit for the first orders no exceptions. The remaining is to be paid upon shipping.

    Minimum: 60 pieces per order. 12 pieces per design.

    Production: Our products ship out in 2-3 weeks.

    Shipping: You decide the shipping method. We ship EXW.

    Claims: Claims for defects and / or shortage must be made within 5 days of receipt, and we will send replacement right away.


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