About Us


Narvalo Clothing is a LA BASED post digital era rooter of cool. Redefining streetwear fashion one pixel at a time, making long lasting clothes. Our  garments are made to last and our imagery is Embracing the gaming subculture in the most FASHIONABLE way. 

Who "is" Narvalo

about narvalo clothingNicolas Pigot is a French entrepreneur and designer who moved to Los Angeles in 2009, with only one thing in mind, achieve its own American Dream.

Soon after arriving in the City Of Angels, Nicolas got interested in its fashion scene. With a strong scholar background in Business and Multimedia, he decided to learn fashion from the ground up. He’s first interest in art being photography and graphic design, it was obvious to him that he needed to learn how to transfer his creation to apparel. This is how he decided to learn silk screen, not yet knowing it would take him on a long journey.

After years of working on different fashion projects and technics, he finally started imagining something different. Something unique that he would find great satisfaction in making. That’s how Narvalo was created. Turning his different centers of interest such as gaming, photography and recreational meetings with Mary Jane into one sole project.